4oz (120ml)

Product Information

OxyDHQ is able to supply the body with a steady diet of free oxygen, hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids, and enzymes all the while killing candida and helping to cleanse cells of toxins and lactic acid. In addition, it will enhance cellular absorption of nutrients taken with it and help pull out and neutralize toxins from your cells.

Chemically and physically, OxyDHQ stimulates the ongoing process of oxidation and reduction. The release of free oxygen and hydrogen from water helps to stabilize toxic elements in the body by polar bonding and electrical charge, to create new unharmful elements and to leave the harmful compounds inert or soluble. Alkalines pick up the free hydrogen, while acids use the oxygen to help normalize pH towards a neutral 7. Oxygen also kills Candida, yeasts and molds and creates an inhospitable enviroment for parasites, pathogens and infections.

Electrically, OxyDHQ, acts as a powerful electrolyte, and thus has the ability to recharge voltage at the cellular level which assists normal cell replication and helps replenish energy throughout the system.

This four ounce bottle contains an acid based formulation of sea water minerals, dissolved oxygen, plant based amino acids, vitamin C, Dihydroquercetin from Siberian larch tree and plant based enzymes. It is made using deuterium sulphate. (Duterium is a special form of hydrogen that reacts naturally with water to release oxygen and hydrogen.)

4 oz bottle. Serving size 10 drops. Servings per container 150.

NOTE: Handle OxyDHQ with CARE. This highly enzymatically active concentrate can digest and/or discolor clothing. Dilute before use. Keep out of reach of children.

OxyDHQ™ stimulates the release of free oxygen and hydrogen from water. It also delivers a broad spectrum of solubilized organic nutrients including minerals and vitamins with therapeutic levels of DHQ (dihydroquercetin).